Jane Jacobs has certainly made her mark on the urbanism world. but is her success deserved? Or is she, as one journalist puts it, the Justin Bieber of urbanism?

Drone Aviary

"V&A’s planned Drone Aviary for the London Design Festival sets forth to brand this emerging phenomenon in an emphatically positive light, as you might expect from such a temple of ocularcentricity with a catalogue of autonomous objects and a current fascination for disobedient artefacts.”

The Weeknd sings the academic’s anthem, “I ain’t scared of the fall.”

And I, teaching at a BIG TEN school, reply: “true, here comes college football!”

Language and New Social Norms

Ah, negotiating technological change and linguistic expression of social information.

PS: Does tumblr really not have a tag for #email?


"In the words of T.S. Eliot, we find ourselves "distracted from distraction by distraction.”“

And so we read articles about distraction on NPR’s blog.

How is it possible for something to be wild and boring at the same time? I never knew until parenthood.

Fighting jetlag from a visit to utopia

Amidst dirty baby bottles, the fallout from breakfast, and plants that need water: I’m turning to what will become my book. I hope.

growing mute

"If we’re smart enough to create the technology, shouldn’t we be smart enough to know when it’s time to put it down?”